6th Grade

SYLLABUS 2021-2022
Meeting Technology
6th Grade Southwest Middle School


Exploring Technology: In this course, 6th grade students will investigate how products can be improved and invented based on the current need to solve problems. Through engaging activities and hands-on projects of which are broken into three five week sections (Robotics, 3D Printing, and Python coding) students will focus on understanding system design and various manufacturing technologies; and how technology can impact society, the environment, and the economy, as well as utilize engineering design concepts such as computer-aided design and other communication technologies to brainstorm and analyze solutions to technological problems. This is a semester course.

Assignments: Students will be expected to turn in assignments when they are due.

  • Make-Up Work
    Upon the student’s return to school, arrangements for make-up for excused or unexcused absences shall be made within three (3) school days.
  • Due dates for make-up work will be at the discretion of the teacher.

Students will be expected to turn in assignments when they are due.  Assignments that are late will be deducted 10% for every day they are late.  Classes are designed for students to complete all work in class.


Required Background:
To successfully complete this course, you will need to:

  • Utilize Engineering Design concepts such as computer aided-design.
  • Analyze solutions to technological problems.
  • Understand how technology can impact society.

Required Materials:

Students need earbuds, a hand-held pencil sharpener, 1-subject spiral notebook, and pencils.

Common Core Curriculum

We follow the Common Core Curriculum.  Please visit the North Carolina Department of Public instruction for more information.  The link is:

CTE Technology Education Curriculum

Instruction will be taught through guided instruction for hands-on projects and Canvas Learning Management System. Students are involved in activities and experiences where they learn about brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, testing, experimenting, and refining designs. Taking notes in their Engineering Design Journal and Electronic Portfolio is a weekly expectation. Students will have time to work on assignments outside the classroom for practice and independent study for vocabulary, projects, and research.


General Rules:  Student Expectations

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Enter quietly and get to work immediately.  Exit quietly.
  3. Sharpen your pencil at the beginning of class.  It is highly recommended to have and use a hand-held pencil sharpener.
  4. Raise your hand and be given permission before speaking or leaving your seat.
  5. Do your best on all assignments - effort matters.
  6. Be an active participant by listening and speaking at appropriate times.
  7. Engineering Design Journal is organized and contains Entry for each class period.
  8. Handle Chromebook responsibly (follow GCS Acceptable Use Policy) and use for academic purposes only.
  9. Clear bottled water allowed in the classroom (food not allowed).
  10. Use the restroom during designated times.
  11. Cell phones must remain off and put away (Not in use).
  12. Homework expectations (once Week) Canvas Journal Entry; Vocabulary

Parent Expectations

  1. Please observe and monitor homework. Please see that they study and review their vocabulary.  Complete research for projects and presentations.  Complete their homework, review and study.  The success of your child depends on you too!
  2. Go through their Engineering Design Journal to help maintain organization and neatness.
  3. Email or call if you have questions.  My email address is [email protected]
  4. Access your child's grades online using their lunch number and password.

Grading Policy
Students are graded using the Gaston County Schools weighted grading scale and will be graded on:

  1. Tests, major projects, papers, and performances 40%.
  2. Quizzes, class work, common assessments 30%.
  3. Guided Work and group activities 20%.
  4. Homework 10%.

Each student will be encouraged to achieve a minimum of 80% on each test or in-class assignments.

10-point Grading Scale
Gaston County Schools uses a 10-point grading scale for students in grades 3-12. The 10-point scale is required by the state for high schools. Gaston County Schools also uses the 10-point scale for grades 3-8 to ensure consistency and a smooth transition for students as they move from elementary and middle school to high

100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59-0 F


I look forward to a great year as we incorporate new technology, learning strategies into our classroom.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached:


Mrs. Angela Sanders, CTE Technology Education Teacher
704-308-4950 (Planning Time: 1:00-2:00) and By Appointments
[email protected] / SWMS Phone:  704-866-6290